How To Donate Your Hair

Step 1

Grow Out Your Hair

  • Size Matters: 8 Inches or longer
  • Treat It Gently: hair cannot have been bleached, permanently dyed, permed, or chemically straightened

Step 2

Schedule an Appointment

  • Click HERE to schedule an appointment. Choose “Long Locks” for service type.
  • Bring in a picture of how you want your hair to look after those luscious long locks are cut off.
  • The stylist will cut your hair donation per the specs of the organization you choose, cut and style your hair.
  • Note: We are a men’s salon.  Our staff can do simple women’s cuts, but we do not offer full salon services or carry women’s hair products.  Let the stylist know what hair style you want before the haircut begins to ensure they are able to provide the cut you would like.

Step 3

Pay and Ship

  • Pay an $9.00 fee for shipping.
  • Tip the stylist.  We will waive the haircut charge.  All we ask is that you tip the stylist for their time.
  • Finally we will box up the hair and ship it out to Children With Hair Loss.  Children With Hair Loss makes customized hair replacements for children under 21 with medically-related hair loss.