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Keep It Cut is about being unique…

We are a locally owned men’s hair salon chain with a unique twist, Unlimited Haircut Memberships. Since 2013 our clients can get a single haircut or sign up for the monthly membership and get UNLIMITED haircuts. Think Netflix for hair. This pricing niche along with our focus on highly trained staff who give high quality haircuts is a large differentiator from our competition. Memberships aren’t just unique in idea though. They provide strength to the business model by ensuring all our clients haircut dollars are spent with us, building loyalty which increases retention, and inspires clients to refer in their friends.

Keep It Cut is about the clients...

We pride ourselves on having a friendly personality, quality haircuts, a modern urban industrial decor (concrete floor, exposed ceiling, natural woods), and clean jazzy indie hip hop music in the background (hand curated by co-owner Josh). Open 7 days a week, clients can walk in for a cut or conveniently book an appointment through the Keep It Cut website or app. We love our clients and we think they feel that love every time they come.

Keep It Cut is about the staff...

We follow the mantra that if as a business you take care of your staff, in turn they take care of your clients, and in turn they take care of your profit. Therefore we have positioned ourselves in the marketplace to be exceedingly attractive to experienced staff.  We offer above industry standard base pay, incentive bonuses, and a full benefits package including Health/Dental/Vision/Short Term Disability/Life Insurance/Paid Time Off/Matching Retirement Plan.  Just as important as compensation though is that we treat staff as people, not robots. The combo of feeling valued and being compensated well makes our staff love coming to work. Stop in, get a haircut, and see for yourself.

Mission, Vision, Values

We are a values driven business. We believe that our unique subscription model built on a strong foundation of meaningful operational values drives our success.

Past Investment Opportunities

2015 – Fund expansion of Stores 2 and 3

2023 – Fund expansion of Store 11

Future Investment Opportunities